Y'ALL MIND IF I PRAISE MEMES? (new york, ny)
Y'ALL MIND IF I PRAISE MEMES? is a presentation given as part of Rhizome's Forum on Ethics and Archiving the Web at the New Museum. Through the presentation, I explore the challenges of archiving an evolving online digital vocabulary and consider the role of web users, and informal archivists in guiding an ethical archive. With attribution at the core of the challenge in archiving memes, the presentation also considered modifications to social web platforms that can support a culture of credit. 

selected slides with words by ruth gebreyesus
(March 2018)
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MEME GALLERY (oakland, ca)
The Meme Gallery was an exhibit I was commissioned to create as part of the Real Future Fair at the Oakland Museum of California. It features original and repurposed works that illustrate the artful ingenuity of memes in the context of artful cultural products. Presented offline in the static setting of a museum, these works are accompanied by cards detailing the context from which they were found including credits to their creators.

selected works featuring words & art by ruth gebreyesus
design by Japheth Gonzalez
(November 2016)


The 2016 Afrofuturism conference was held at The New School in New York under the theme #blackisviral. I elaborated on theme and created the conference's leading statement (below) and produced a panel that explored the resonance and exploitation of black digital creativity.  

words by ruth gebreyesus  
design by Inye Nosegbe
(April 2016)


Flavourhood, SEEN II (oakland, ca)*
SEEN II is a photo magazine accompanying a photography exhibit by the same name produced by Oakland-based forum Flavourhood. SEEN II, in both print and gallery form, served as bright platforms for the the work of eleven photographers, each with a style their own. Using juxtaposition, color, and text, I, along with graphic designer Japheth Gonzalez, presented and complicated the story told by still images in a moving world. 

Photos by Japheth Gonzalez

*not memes